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Products & Services

We manufacture and deliver:

  • Washed River Sand
  • Washed Plaster Sand
  • Garden Soil
    for gardening purposes
    (mixture of manure, compost, washed river sand and top soil)

Materials manufactured at the quarry:

  • 13mm, 19mm & 26mm Stone
  • Building Sand
  • Crusher Sand
  • G5 Filling
  • G2 Crusher Run
  • Builder’s Mix
  • Yard Stone
  • Macadam
  • Dump Rock (for landscaping and pitching)
  • Cement Bricks:  Stocks, maxi, block, paving.

“Almin Bricks CC” supplies and delivers:

  • Face Bricks
  • Semi-Face Bricks
  • Interlock Paving 
  • Clay Paving
  • Kerbs
  • Clay Stocks

Delivery Service

We make use of 6m3, 10m3 and 15m3  tipper trucks to deliver sand, stone and certain cement bricks.  We also deliver cement in small quantities with the 6m3 tippers which have drop sides in order for the cement to be off-loaded by hand.  We have two crane trucks and a rigid crane truck to deliver bricks.