Vatikaki Vervoer

At “Vatikaki Transport”  and  “Almin Bricks”  we strive to be the best we can, at what we do, every day.  We are our own competition!

If we can look back on a year past and see how we’ve grown, how we’ve shaped the business, how we’ve satisfied our clients, then we have learned, then we have succeeded!

We strive to give the best service, hence our mission statement: Service is our pride!  We listen to the changing market and are sensitive to our clients’ needs.  Therefore we have adjusted our fleet more than once!

We do not cut corners and we do not tell lies.  We talk to our clients, keep them up to date and deliver as promised!

We have a wonderful team of drivers and general staff, contributing to our success and well respected reputation in the communities. With more than 20 years' experience in this ever changing market, we have all the confidence that the next 20 will be as giving and as satisfying!

We manufacture and deliver

  • Washed River Sand
  • Washed Plaster Sand
  • Garden Soil for gardening purposes